(Українська) «Я змінюю»ІІ Вінницький Регіональний Форум громадських ініціатив


33965306_1915820881815960_869716695457988608_o33981210_1915822671815781_7851458808478957568_o34035679_1915822455149136_5035607141742804992_o33992716_1915822225149159_9052724933121015808_o34050766_1915822028482512_7365706279408369664_o33964682_1915821788482536_7448213889654718464_o33994835_1915818035149578_7790159248524050432_o34094147_1915820198482695_2263844113164009472_o“We are ready to establish a multilateral dialogue and cooperate with all the stakeholders to support the social initiatives and to spur communities’ development”, stressed Valerii Korovii, head of the Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration.

150 civic activists presented their community development initiatives at the “I CHANGE” Regional Forum of the Social Initiatives.

The “I CHANGE” Forum turned out to be a platform for exchanging best practices and ideas between local NGOs, international donors, and the socially responsible business.

In 2017, Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration provided financial support to 14 projects, submitted by the civil society institutions. And in 2018 – 25 projects have been supported to advance the community development.

The “I CHANGE” Forum was organized by Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration with the support of of the civil society organization “The Source of Hope”, which belongs to the CSOs-hubs network.